Rimadesio, founded in 1956, is a key player in the industrial furniture district of Brianza, near Milan. Known for its innovative technology, design research, and environmental consciousness, Rimadesio embodies the essence of Italian design. 
The diverse collection comprises of modular systems for living rooms, bookcases, sliding panels, swing doors, sliding doors, walk-in closets, and a wide range of complementary pieces. Collaborating with Giuseppe Bavuso, the company's designer, Rimadesio offers concrete solutions for contemporary living in various settings, from homes to large-scale projects.
Glass and aluminium are the primary materials used in Rimadesio's collection, representing their foundational choice and brand identity.
Environmental consciousness is deeply ingrained in Rimadesio's DNA. The company generates solar energy through photovoltaic panels, has transitioned its fleet to electric power, employs 100% recyclable materials like aluminium and glass, exclusively uses water-based paints, and has replaced polystyrene with recyclable cardboard. The company's production plants run entirely on solar energy, leading to an important milestone in 2011: zero emissions of CO2.